School Prospectus Photography

School prospectus photography used to be something that only private and independent schools bothered with.

Everyone working in education knows that the only thing that really matters is the students.  Quality of education and learning environment are at the top of every educators priority list.

However, changes in the education sector mean that primary schools, comprehensives, Academies, Free Schools, and colleges need to be in to the marketing game, or risk losing income.

This pressure has now extended to every area of education. With the increasing importance of parental choice and the fact that the money follows the student, every area of education is driven by the commercial market place.

Your prospectus, web site, course guides, adverts and press releases must be integral to your recruiting efforts. You may be relying on word of mouth and open days to encourage students to sign up, but you should also be thinking about what the competition is up.

It’s all about the bottom line.

Look at it this way. Each state secondary school attracts basic funding between £4000 and £9000. This means getting your marketing wrong can be a costly affair. If a school is already struggling with it’s wage bill, as few as TWO pupils could fund an NQT, three could fund a QTS maths teacher. A pupil joining in Year 7 and staying to Year 11 could be worth £45,000! Private schools understand this. A independent school attracting a student in to reception and keeping them until they go to university could be receiving well over £300,000 in funding. And we all know what effect good funding has on a schools success, regardless of how you measure success.

We know that every educational establishment is trying to square the funding circle.  Keep class sizes small while offering variety in the curriculum is always a challenge. Every school, college and university is striving to be both different and better than its competitors. But it doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody knows.

We take time to understand your market position, how you are approaching marketing and what type of products you really need.

Our education marketing photography makes your prospectus, web site, course guides and adverts look fantastic.


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