Product Photography

Any business that is selling something physical really does need to pay attention to their product photography.
Nearly 50% of shoppers buy something online each year, nearly 10% of all retail sales are done on-line and this growing at a rate of nearly 20% per annum.
Can you really afford to ignore online retailing?
But it gets worse.  Regardless of whether you are running a e-commerce site or not most people, and particularly men, do a lot of shopping research on-line.  They compare brands, features, benefits and above all price, before ever setting foot in a real shop.

Yellow Pages used to say “Let your fingers do the walking”, but nobody phones a shop a for a price anymore.  These days their fingers do the walking on a keyboard, phone or tablet, and if you’re not on the internet or your products look bad, their fingers will walk on by.
OK, so you’re not a B2C business.  You only deal with other businesses.  So how do you go about getting you customers to understand that your products are not only great value, they the best products and your the most professional business in your sector.

B2B is exactly the same as B2C, simply because your are dealing with people, and people like to see what they are buying. And, they may well want to do this before they speak to you.  They want to have some confidence in you before the sales conversation starts.  This is good marketing practices and if you’re ignoring it your bottom line will be affected.
So whether you on on-line or bricks and mortar, retail or wholesale, B2C or strictly B2B, the people who buy from you need great product photography if they are going have confidence in you and engage in the sales process.