The Funeral of Tom Bryan

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Tom Bryan was a man who saw active service in the Far East during the Second World War.  Last week, at the age of 92, he passed away.  His family extended no further than his nephew, his wife, and their two children.

Fearing that his uncle would not get the send off he deserved, Tony Budget went public.  And today around 200 people turned up at Stockport Crematorium to make sure an old soldier was not forgotten.

After the fall of Singapore Tom's regiment was posted from India to Burma, where they had a terrible time. During the Japanese advance, Tom's unit was cut off behind enemy lines and they spent three weeks fighting their way through the jungle, before joining up with other retreating soldiers.  His nephew said that Tom was greatly changed by the war and found it impossible to talk about until many years later.  Living in Cheshire and working as bricklayer, he never married.

Following his nephews call to arms, civilians, old soldiers, serving soldiers, sailors, the fire brigade, young and old, gathered to ensure that what would have been a sad affair, with just four mourners, was a fitting send off for a true war hero.

His family would always have been proud of Tom and I'm sure he would have been proud to see so many people remembering him and his colleagues from The Forgotten War.

Rest in Peace, Tom Bryan.


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