Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is about supporting businesses with the full range of photography services and images they need to market and sell their products and services.

As a specialist commercial photographer I have the experience to photograph every aspect of your business ensuring that the visual styles match across all your marketing and sales material.  I have 30 years experience in a wide range of fields including, press, public relations, property, engineering, science, medicine, education and advertising that gives me the skills to ensure that every client gets not just the photographs they need, but photographs that will work across their full range of marketing products.

Portrait and Headshot Photography

Commercial portrait photography works at many levels.  From professional headshot photography to stylish portraits we plan every shoot in detail and make sure the subject is comfortable, relaxed and happy with the final pictures.  Headshots are used by actors, musicians and dancers to get work, the rest of us use them on social media and web sites to make contact at a personal level with our clients.

Education and School Prospectus Photography

Over the last few years the education landscape has changed almost beyond recognition.  The expansion of the Academy system and the creation of Free Schools means that the pressures to succeed and attract new pupils have never been greater.  Pupil choice means that every school should at the very least have a marketing policy, if not dedicated marketing staff.  Both state sector and independent schools have to attract students like never before.

I have worked in Academies, Free Schools and independent schools to illustrate prospectuses, course guides, adverts, press releases, magazine articles, newsletters, and web sites.  I can work closely with your marketing and management teams to make sure that your pictures fit your needs and your design brief, as well as your ethos and values.


Property Photography

Photography is an probably the key element of the residential and commercial property market.  Whether you you are looking to sell or rent, finding the right people depends of good visuals and good marketing.

In the residential market, you can just take a few snaps with you iPhone and dump them on Rightmove, but this is not doing justice to your most valuable asset.  Internal photographs have to show detail in the brightest highlights and deepest shadow and no camera is capable of doing this without extensive and skilled post-production.

It is also worth pointing out that photographs shot for the property are not the same as a magazine shoot.  On the property market, photographs need to show light, space and how a potential buyer or tenant could move around andlive in the property with their family.  Magazine pictures are about detail, furniture choices and life style.

On the commercial market space is king.  A potential buyer or tenant needs to know how much work they need to do before they can start work and have their clients visit.  Showing hether your property is finished and ready for occupancy or needs fitting out buy the occupant is vital in attracting the right people.

Event and Public Relations Photography

Although Events and PR seem like two widely different areas of photography, they are essentially the same in that every event will need some set piece PR shots, and a press shoot is often an event in its own right.  For over 25 years we have produced PR photographs that have been used in hundreds of local, national and international publications.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a single PR image or a want an entire event photographed, we approach the assignment with the same level of expertise and make sure pictures are perfect for both the media and your internal use.

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