Public Relations and Event Photography

Although Events and PR seem like two widely different areas of photography, they are essentially the same in that every event will need some set piece PR shots, and a press shoot is often an event in its own right.  For over 25 years we have produced PR photographs that have been used in hundreds of local, national and international publications.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a single PR image or a want an entire event photographed, we approach the assignment with the same level of expertise and make sure pictures are perfect for both the media and your internal use.

Public Relations Photography

Public Relations photography is all about creating pictures for publication in external magazines, newspapers and web sites, but large companies also use PR photography in their in-house publications and for internal communications.
It’s difficult to define the essence of a good PR shot simply because every media outlet has their preferred style of image.  Specialist and trade press require a completely different type of story and set of pictures to regional daily and weekly newspapers.  With more than 20 years experience working in a government press office, covering stories from around the world for thousands of different publications, I am highly experienced in PR.  I can produce multiple sets of pictures for different types of publication all on the same shoot.  All pictures come with industry standard IPTC captions and if required, I can distribute your pictures and press releases to your desired media.
If you are a PR professional you can rest assured that I understands what you need and get the jobs done quickly.  If PR isn’t your day job and you need guiding through what looks like murky waters, I can help you define your strategy, identify your stories, target the right media and get your work published.

Event Photography

Event photography comes in many shapes and sizes and you need to make sure your event photographer is on the same wavelength as you.
Some will attend your events for free and sell prints to your attendees, either on the day or through an internet portal.  WE DON’T DO THIS.
I attend events for fixed fees and produce pictures that you, as the event organiser, can use to publicize your event and promote future events.  If you want to make pictures available to attendees, by any means, you are free to do so at no additional cost to you.

Simple.  Great pictures.  No fuss.