Photography is the most powerful tool you have in your education marketing armoury.

Our school prospectus photography is engaging, informative and believable.  It is the perfect tool for communicating just how passionate you are about the values, standards and ethos of your school, college or university. The right pictures bring your beliefs in to sharp focus (excuse the pun) and the best photography not only engages your existing and potential customers, but helps foster a positive attitude across your whole community. We work with you so that we understand what is important to you, meaning that we can create a portfolio of pictures that encapsulates the ethos of your school.

Pictures with honesty and integrity

school prospectus photography

We believe that people are interested in real life and the best way to capture this is to work in a documentary style. This creates photographs that have a high degree of honesty and integrity, giving them the believability that is essential if they are to reinforce the school ethos.
However, we understand that some things will simply not be happening when we are in school and will need to be set up. Even if this is the case, we still create images that have a high honesty factor.

Working in an education environment

We spend lot of time in schools. Whether in the classroom, the theatre, on the sports fields or in the boarding house, we have the skills to get the pictures quickly. It is possible to stage pictures in any of these environments, and in the boarding house this is sometimes the best option, but catching life as it happens with the least disruption to teaching and learning is a skill that has been acquired after more than 15 years of working in schools.

Getting the most out of students and staff

We find that there is a narrow window of opportunity when taking pictures in schools. We actively manage our time in classrooms so that the best pictures are obtained with least disruption. Sometimes this means a quick in and out, other times it means hanging around for the right moment. What you can’t do is get students to fake real engagement with the learning process. However, there are times when it is necessary to get the subject to engage with the camera, this is again handled in such a away as to minimise disruption to lessons.

A shot-sheet is not a script

What makes a good photograph great, is honesty. We believe that a shot-sheet is not a script. The bigger the job, the more important the shot-sheet becomes, and it is vital on a project like a school prospectus, but we never let it become the master. Creativity requires a degree spontaneity and we are always looking for the candid moment that will enhance your photographic collection, your web site and your prospectus.

Value for money

Like all photographers, we often work on day rates and if the visit is well planned and coordinated they can produce a high volume of pictures. However, they can be limiting in terms of what is actually available to photograph. We always advise our clients to consider project based contracts for school prospectus photography: You work out what you need and we will work out the most cost effective way of getting it. Most projects will involve whole days in the school collecting reportage style pictures, but this will inevitably need supplementing with additional work. The benefit to you is that you are paying for a finished product on a fixed fee, not just time in school.

Fit for purpose

The ultimate test of a good photograph is that it should be fit for purpose. We never take ‘snaps’ and always make sure we know what you will be using the pictures for. If a picture needs to be used across different media (prospectus, website, press release, etc.) we make sure we shoot the right picture for each purpose. This means you are likely to get different view points, aspect ratios and compositions for each shot, as well a selection of horizontal and vertical pictures. How often have you thought  that you couldn’t use a particular picture because the student either was or was not looking at the camera? How often has a picture looked great until the designer cropped it? Alternatives can be priceless.

No proofs

We spend as much as 70% of our time on post-production. This means that every picture delivered to you is a finished working image, not a proof.  We believe it makes things easier for clients and saves them of lot time selecting images for finishing.


View some of school prospectus photography here.